LANDLORDS – Big changes coming…

As the UK works to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, the energy-efficiency of people’s homes is under heavy scrutiny right now.

Ministers haven’t formally announced changing the EPC rules for the rental market just yet, but the move has been widely reported, so it is perhaps only a matter of time before an official announcement comes.

That means you have nothing to lose from making sure your portfolio rental properties is as energy-efficient as possible. By acting straight away, you can get ahead of the demand for cleaner, greener accommodation from tenants, book the tradesmen and suppliers who can carry out the upgrades, and ensure your portfolio remains commercially viable in the long-term

But there is one big problem on the horizon:

Many landlords don’t actually know that this change in the law is even under consideration.

So even though the buy-to-let market is bouncing back strongly since the pandemic, this could potentially jeopardise the strength of your investments for years to come.

15% of landlords don’t know of planned EPC rule changes; Even more have no plan in place to meet these changes


According to a study by Shawbrook Bank, as many as 15% of landlords don’t know about the government’s plans for rental properties to achieve a minimum EPC rating of C by 2025

This lack of knowledge was most widespread among long-term, experienced landlords – those who have been renting out properties for at least ten years.

Speaking at The Buy to Let Forum, Mr Rickards said that while the proportion of homes meeting this standard has increased over the last decade, about 2.5 million private rented homes still wouldn’t achieve an EPC rating of C or above.

“A combination of rising material costs, short supply of relevant trades people and a volatile economic backdrop could hamper efforts. A failure to upgrade could mean the property could become unrentable or unsaleable in the not too distant future.”
– Nitesh Patel, Strategic Economist at Accord Mortgages

Why you should act as soon as possible


If you don’t take steps to improve the EPC ratings of your properties as soon as you can, a large percentage of the private rental sector will be declared unrentable or unsellable within a matter of years.


This could be hugely costly, regardless of whether you’re currently renting out a home or plan to buy a new rental property in the coming months.

If there is only a small number of homes that meet the legal requirement for a rental property in the UK, competition for suitable housing among prospective occupants will be intense.

If you would like to find out more or look at the possibility of raising finance from your buy to let property to help fund these improvements required, get in touch now and we will be happy to explain the options available.


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